My name is Mohamed Nour El Din. Founder and Chairman of Tie House.
I started this business back on July 3rd 1995 because I had a dream to become one of the fashion leaders of the Classic Men Apparel in Egypt.
The Company’s name consists of 3 segments:
Tie House – Cruzzo – Bellini
With the intention to target all market channels and categories.
I started the company in 1995 as wholesaler and distributer of classic men’s ties.
I opened the company’s first branch as classic men’s apparel in 1999 at Maadi grand mall. Meanwhile I started manufacturing our own shirts in 2003 then followed by all the other products.
Our company grew big eventually in both fields manufacturing and trading to exist today in 68 Branches all over Egypt. And still more branches to come ….

Core values:

Our company lives by our 5 core values …
Individuality: We are a sole company that in fact proceed with its own capital with no partners or co-operation with any other companies
Partnership: We are in partnership with our own customers. In fact we believe that our clients are part of our success.
Passion: We make our products with absolute passion and we work on delivering this to our clients.
Integrity: We work hardly and under all circumstances on delivering the right product with the right quality and the right price to our clients.
Accountability: We ensure all of our clients that they can count on us. Good product – good quality – good price


We believe that our strongly based company can achieve more success and market share in the next decades to become one of the leader companies in the national apparel sector and one day globally.


Our company depends on its own employees to grow widely and become the number one company in Egypt and across the borders to become one day an international brand that can compete viciously worldwide while holding tags of (Made in Egypt)

Strategic Priorities:

As a Manufacturing and Trading company, we work on developing our factories and increasing our production to cover more markets in parallel with enlarging our existence by settling a plan to open more branches all over the Nation.

Who we deliver to:

As a corporate, our business doesn’t stop at delivering products and services to Individual Customers only but we deliver to big Corporations as well. As to mention: Talaat Mostafa Group – Marriot Hotels – Bank of Egypt (Misr Bank) – Vodafone —- etc
As well, we collaborate with business partners as to mention:
National Bank of Egypt (AL Ahly Bank) – CIB – Arab African Bank – Premium Card

Social Activities:
We believe in Helping Hand. That’s why our company participates and volunteers in many social activities and sports events (supporting the National Table Tennis Team). We also support some Humanitarian and Volunteering organizations as to mention: Resala Foundation – Alashanek ya Balady.