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We call the new editor Gutenberg. The entire editing experience has been rebuilt for media rich pages and posts. Experience the flexibility that blocks will bring, whether you are building your first site, or write code for a living.

seems that Gutenberg has been a term of controversy in the world of
WordPress lately. Hailed as the most significant change to WordPress 5.0
this year, the Gutenberg editor has received a mixed response from web
developers and regular folk alike. All of this chaos is making it

Wider Galleries

What does Gutenberg Change

The sole purpose of the Gutenberg
editor is to provide an alternative to the current open text editor, not
to mention the difficult-to-remember shortcodes, with an agile and
visual user interface (UI). So, unlike the current WordPress editor, you
don’t have to:

  • import images, multimedia and approved files from the media library or add HTML shortcodes;
  • copy and paste links for embeds;
  • write shortcodes for specialized assets of different plugins;
  • create featured images to be added at the top of a post or page;
  • add excerpts for subheads;
  • add widgets for content on the side of a page.

Consider a block as the most basic (therefore, smallest) unit of the new editor.

Only a quarter of young adults are financially literate. You don’t want to overwhelm them.

Shane Doe, Entrepreneur.

They will be the building blocks of WordPress 5.0. In other words,
everything—including content, images, quotes, galleries, cover images,
audio, video, headings, embeds, custom codes, paragraphs, separators and
buttons—will turn into distinct blocks.

Because you can drag and drop each block, identifying these items and placing them on the page becomes a lot easier.

Gutenberg ❤️ Columns

Built for modern times!

Gutenberg was developed on GitHub using the WordPress REST API, JavaScript, and React.

Designed with Love.

recommend migrating features to blocks, but support for existing
WordPress functionality remains. There will be transition paths.

Tables? You got them.

Adding a table using custom HTML code
was a tedious job. With the table block, however, the task is a lot
easier. You are able to add and remove rows and columns of a table
without coding.

ID First Name Last Name Profession
1. John Doe Entrepreneur
2. Shane Tripp Writer
3. Groot Will Web Designer
4. Jemma Kindle Robot

More for Images

of Gutenberg 0.5.0, you can now drag and drop images directly into an
image block, just like you are used to with the visual editor. And there
are several new alignments available with ContentBerg.

Here’s an image set to Align Full Width, that works with our Full Width post style.

Besides just having the standard blockquote which we have been using for years, they also have a new pull quote. And yes, pull quotes are different.

White Flower

It is also nice to see some variations on the positioning of the
blocks. For years, the standard visual editor has given you the ability
to align left, align center, align right, and assign no alignment.

With the Gutenberg WordPress editor, you can also align wide (as seen below), and align full-width.

are a great new tool for building engaging content. With blocks, you
can insert, rearrange, and style multimedia content with very little
technical knowledge.

A single block is nice—reliable, clear, distinct. Discover the
flexibility to use media and content, side by side, driven by your

More Gutenberg Blocks

Gutenberg comes with new buttons that work right out of the box with ContentBerg.

Gutenberg is available as a plugin now, and soon by default in version 5.0 of WordPress. The classic editor will be available as a plugin if needed

Whether you like it or not, Gutenberg is coming to WordPress 5.0. Do try to be a part of it.

Smashing Mag

Beautiful Cover Image!

There’s a lot more…

We can only show so many of the blocks without bloating the page to excessive size. There many more Gutenberg blocks that just work. And this is just the beginning. Very exciting times ahead.

you like it or not, Gutenberg is coming to WordPress 5.0. Do try to be a
part of the ongoing discussion about it on the web. It will certainly


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